Saturday, July 16, 2011

One month until the Tomo submission deadline!

Just one month remains until the August 15, 2011 deadline for submitting Japan-related YA stories to be considered for Tomo.

The Tomo inbox has been busy with queries and submissions. Thank you, everyone, for your patience as I read, process, and respond. What a joy to be reading these Japan stories! I am inspired again and again.

Tomo: Japan Stories to Help and Heal is the title that we have settled on for the anthology, and we hope soon to be able to reveal the cover design.

I look forward to another month of Tomo submissions coming in from around the globe. The enthusiasm for this project is wonderful. Thank you!

Holly Thompson
Editor, Tomo: Japan Stories to Help and Heal

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  1. I read Klein's post. Thanks for linking to it. There was some similar discussion surrounding a Wall Street Journal article that might also be interesting for people to read: