Contributors & Interviews

Editor and Foreword--Holly Thompson
Publisher--Stone Bridge Press

Tomo Contributors and Interviews

Below is a full list of the authors, translators and illustrators whose work is featured in Tomo.  Be sure to click on Interviews. These interviews offer information about the settings and cultural details of the stories, historical contexts, photos, links, and background information about the authors and translators. At the end of each interview is a message for teens in the Tohoku region of Japan affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. 
Naoko Awa author
Jennifer Fumiko Cahill author (Interview)
John Paul Catton author (Interview)
Yukie Chiri translator/transcriber
Chloë Dalby author (Interview)
Liza Dalby author (Interview)
Deborah Davidson translator/illustrator (Interview) (Japan Times Article)
Charles De Wolf author (Interview) (Japan Times Article)
Megumi Fujino author
Toshiya Kamei translator
Sachiko Kashiwaba author (Interview)
Yuko Katakawa  author (Interview)
Trevor Kew author (Interview)
Hart Larrabee translator (interview about poem, interview about story)
Misa Dikengil Lindberg translator (Interview)
Kenji Miyazawa author
Mariko Nagai author (Interview)
Marji Napper author (Interview)
Arie Nashiya author (Interview)
Sarah Ogawa author (Interview)
Debbie Ridpath Ohi author/illustrator (Interview)
Lynne E. Riggs translator
Ryusuke Saito author
John Shelley cover art
Ann Tashi Slater author (Interview)
Kaitlin Stainbrook author (Interview)
David Sulz translator (Interview)
Fumio Takano author (Interview)
Holly Thompson foreword, editor (Interview)
Catherine Rose Torres author (Interview)
Tak Toyoshima author/illustrator (Interview)