Monday, September 5, 2011

Announcing the Tomo Contributors!

After a busy summer of reading manuscripts, I am happy to announce the Tomo anthology contributors. In the coming months I will be posting interviews with many of these contributors, so be sure to follow this site and share this news. 

Tomo Contributors

Naoko Awa author
Deni Bechard author
Jennifer Fumiko Cahill author
Juliet Winters Carpenter translator
John Paul Catton author
Yukie Chiri translator/transcriber
Chloë Dalby author
Liza Dalby author
Deborah Davidson translator/illustrator
Claire Dawn author
Charles De Wolf author
Alan Gratz author
Megumi Fujino author
Andrew Fukuda author
Katrina Toshiko Grigg-Saito author
Sako Ikegami translator
Deborah Iwabuchi translator
Suzanne Kamata author
Toshiya Kamei translator
Sachiko Kashiwaba author
Yuko Katakawa  author
Trevor Kew author
Yuichi Kimura author
Louise George Kittaka author
Hart Larrabee translator
Misa Dikengil Lindberg translator
Leza Lowitz author
Kelly Luce author
Thersa Matsuura author
Kenji Miyazawa author
Mariko Nagai author
Marji Napper author
Arie Nashiya author
Sarah Wittenbrink Ogawa author
Debbie Ridpath Ohi author/illustrator
Shogo Oketani author
Lynne E. Riggs translator
Ryusuke Saito author
Graham Salisbury author
John Shelley cover art
Ann Tashi Slater author
Alexander O. Smith translator
Kaitlin Stainbrook author
David Sulz translator, epigraph
Fumio Takano author
Holly Thompson foreword, editor
Wendy Nelson Tokunaga author
Catherine Rose Torres author
Tak Toyoshima author/illustrator
Avery Fischer Udagawa translator

Thank you to everyone who submitted stories. I read every piece that was submitted from start to finish, and the final decisions were especially difficult. I am so grateful to everyone for their encouragement and support of this project.

Soon to come...the Tomo cover! 

Holly Thompson, Editor, Tomo Anthology


  1. I'm so thrilled to be a part of this project, Holly! Can't wait to read the other contributions when the book comes out.

  2. I hope this sells a bazillion copies. I'll do all I can to promote this project. Word of mouth can do wonders. I'm so proud of Holly Thompson for taking on this monumental task. Go Holly!